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International Safeguards in the Design of Fuel Fabrication Plants

IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NF-T-4.7

This publication is the third in a series from the IAEA that provides guidance on the early consideration of safeguards requirements in the design and construction of nuclear facilities. It is principally intended for designers and operators of nuclear fuel fabrication facilities; however, vendors, state authorities and investors may also benefit from the information provided. This guidance is introductory rather than comprehensive; more detailed information on IAEA safeguards implementation can be found in the Guidance for States Implementing Comprehensive Safeguards Agreements and Additional Protocols (IAEA Services Series No. 21, May 2016) and other publications in that series. This publication expands upon the general considerations addressed in International Safeguards in Nuclear Facility Design and Construction (IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NP-T-2.8, April 2013).

STI/PUB/1699, 52 pp.; 23 figs.; 2017; ISBN: 978-92-0-103315-4, English, 30.00 Euro

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